Imitation Fruit Literary Journal
Issue 10, April 2012

Welcome to the 10th issue of Imitation Fruit Literary Journal. Yea! This issue marks the journal's fifth birthday and we are set to celebrate. Over the years the journal has grown in many ways. For each new issue there are more and more great stories and poems to read and new artwork to view. The journal has also grown in readership as new readers find out about the journal through word of mouth and other websites. With each new issue a lot of hard work and dedication is put into the journal from its contributors and the editorial team. Now is the time to look back and see that we have come a long way as a journal and it is time to celebrate in the fact that we have been successful in bringing quality content to readers to enjoy. As always, thank YOU for stopping in to see a new issue of Imitation Fruit, and please stay to celebrate with us!

Nothing says it's time to let loose like a kid playing on the beach! In her poem, Liberation, Andrea Potyondy-Smith, celebrates the playfulness of childhood and the freedom felt when imagination takes over. Eleanor Leonne Bennett's equally playful photograph of a girl jumping set against a glowing skyline perfectly complements the poem.

Family strife can boil to a point during the often artificially happy Christmas holiday season. Susan Lynn Solomon's story, The Memory Tree, shows how a family can rip a hole in that happiness but can also be the glue that mends the hole to make each other stronger.

Artist, Laura LoTurco-Gorian, is Imitation Fruit's Fruit Salad Party contest winner! Two of her pieces of art from her "Bows" collection are featured in this issue. The lovely party ribbons adorning this table of contents page and the artwork with the story, The Memory Tree, are part of her recent collection. Her artwork has been featured in an exhibit in Madrid, New Mexico and is currently being shown at other venues.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the journal over the past 5 years and thank you as always to all of our readers!

Eva Barrows, Editor